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TISD provides high-speed wireless broadband Internet service to the South Texas area. Now we also provide Voice Over IP! Voice Over IP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is essentially a phone service that operates through your Internet service. It’s very easy, and often much cheaper than a traditional phone service. Plus, with hundreds of features and services, it makes switching over not only easy, but exciting.

While there’s not a catch-all answer for what you’ll need to switch, most of the time you’ll just need a small device called an ATA and you’ll even be able to keep your own phone. With some of our business packages, you can get a hosted device that will allow you to use many more features and services than with a traditional phone. There are many options, so please just ask if you have any questions!

We have been a leader in Internet services in the Crossroads area for more than 20 years, and we are excited to now offer this exciting service! Our experience not only influences our service and our abilities, but also our dedication to the communities that we have called home since 1996.

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