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Project Status

We are currently in the construction phase of this multi-step project. Once steps are complete, we can light up the network and we will contact you about scheduling installation.

Planning and Preparation
Step 1

Planning and Research

Assessing and preparing the engineering requirements for installation.

Step 2

Permits and Mapping

Building the necessary infrastructure to prepare for the fiber cable installation.

Step 3

Install Fiber Cable On Site

Installing the fiber cable in the ground and creating access points.

Step 4

Create Network

Connecting and joining the fiber cables together.

Preparation to Deliver Service
Step 5

Build Access Points

Constructing the connection from the main fiber line to individual homes or businesses.

Step 6

Turn On Network

Connecting and joining the individual service lines to the main fiber cable.

Step 7

Notify and Connect

Installing the fiber internet connection at homes or businesses.

Connect Your Home with One of Our Four Plans

Residential Fiber

Up to

100 MB/s Download
100 MB/s Upload

Residential Fiber

Up to

300 MB/s Download
300 MB/s Upload


Up to

500 MB/s Download
500 MB/s Upload


Up to

1G Download
1G Upload

Equipment Fee: $15.00

Installation Fee: $200.00

* Reflects rate with 1-year commitment, additional rates are available. $15 equipment fee and $200 installation fee not included with package. All packages are sold as “up to” because performance depends on a number of factors such as network connection, quality of signal, and upstream traffic.

What is Fiber Internet and Why is it a Big Deal?

Fiber-optic internet is a connection that is far more reliable than DSL and copper cable that allows for speeds that are about 8x faster.

Unleash the Power of Connection

Spend more time doing what you love and with the people you love with our fastest speeds yet.

Stable Video Calls with the Kids and Grandkids

Enjoy clear audio and video calls with family and friends uninterrupted by lagging or dropped calls.

Better Gaming Experience with No Lag

Fiber gives you faster upload and download speeds, so you stay in the action without lagging.

Stream in 4k for Family Movie Night

Get the clearest picture and the sharpest audio from streaming services for your movie night.

Senior Citizen Discount

Senior Citizens receive 50% off installation with valid ID.

Active Military & First Responders

TISD offers all active service members and all current first responders 50% off installation.

Fast Facts about Fiber

Spend more time doing what you love and with the people you love with our fastest speeds yet.

Sustainable Technology

Fiber cables are made from glass or silica, two of the most abundant elements on the planet.

Storm Resistant

Since fiber has no metal and carries light instead of electricity, weather is less likely to affect performance.

Energy Efficient

Copper takes 3.5 watts to send light 1km. It only takes fiber 1 watt of power to do the same.


Fiber cables are less susceptible to weather conditions and do not wear out nearly as fast as copper wire.

More Data Power

Fiber carries more data at faster rates, allowing for 2k/4k streaming and more bandwidth per device.

Increased Home Value

Fiber has been shown to increase home values by 3.1% according to a recent study.

Add your name to the list and we will contact you when lightning-fast fiber optic internet is available to install in your Quail Creek home or business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the nature of the construction piece of this project, we want to avoid promising anything timewise until we are closer to the completion. We will notify everyone on this list when that happens.

With a fiber optic network, customers can enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds, allowing for quick and smooth browsing, streaming, and downloading. Additionally, fiber optics provide a reliable and consistent connection, ensuring an uninterrupted online experience.

Our utmost commitment is to deliver our fastest Internet speeds to your neighborhood with minimal time and disruption to individual homeowners. Our process ensures uninterrupted services for all, regardless of your current provider. While not everyone may choose to sign up for this exciting new service, our service vehicles may be present in and around your yard to lay fiber and provide coverage to the entire area. Rest assured, we are dedicated to restoring each impacted yard to its original state.

If you have any questions related to construction, yard damage, or need to report a repair request, call any of our service numbers or fill the form below:

Victoria: (361) 573-1102
Port Lavaca: (361) 552-2000

Construction Concern - Quail Creek