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A Difference You Can Hear

Upgrading your landline to a digital calling system like VOIP gives you the flexibility you need to run a professional office.

Easy to Use

We set everything up for you so the install is a breeze. VOIP systems are plug and play right out of the box.

Crystal Clear Sound

VOIP offers a louder, cleaner, and more crisp call quality that landlines cannot match.

Cost Effective

Use your existing internet connection to carry calls instead of slower landlines while reducing the cost of international and long distance calls.

Superior Features not Offered on a Landline

Call transfer, routing, forwarding, call recording, and smart voicemail are just a few of the many features you cannot get on a landline.

How Does a VOIP Phone System Work?

Unlike traditional landlines on a public switched telephone network (PSTN), VOIP telephone systems convert your voice into a digital signal that travels over the Internet.

VOIP Phone

The Internet

Call Recipient

VOIP Phone

The Internet

Call Recipient

Clearly Better Than a Landline

With hundreds of features and a crisp, high-definition sound, VOIP gives you a clear and professional sound when customers call.

Basic Business Plan
1,000 minutes per month

Starting at$24.99/mo

What you get:
Inbound/Outbound calling
Free Long distance (US/CAN)
Call Waiting
Virtual Voicemail
Caller ID
VOIP Web Portal

Hosted Business Plan
Basic Plan + Multiple Lines

Starting at$34.99/mo

What you get:
Everything in the Basic Business Plan
Multiple Lines
Multiple Extensions
Find me/Follow Me Routing
Individual Virtual Voicemail

Business VOIP FAQs

While there’s not a catch-all answer for what you’ll need to switch, most of the time you’ll just need a small device called an analog telephone adapter (ATA) and you’ll even be able to keep your own phone.

Voice Over Internet Protocol uses the internet to connect your voice calls, providing the ability to send and receive more data which makes your conversation crisp and clear!

YES! It’s often much cheaper than a traditional phone service. Plus, with hundreds of features and services, it makes switching over not only easy, but exciting.

Make the Switch to VOIP Phones for Business