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Residential Internet Packages

Premium 15

Starting at $64.99/mo

15 MB/s Download

5 Mb/s Upload

Great for standard web browsing, receiving/sending email with the grandkids, watching your favorite show on a streaming service, VOIP phone services, music streaming, & downloading photos from loved ones.

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Elite 25

Starting at $79.99/mo

25 MB/s Download

5 MB/s Upload

Suitable for everything in the premium plan along with HD Video streaming, standard video conferencing, large file downloads, security camera feeds, and quality performance with multiple users.

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Max 35

Starting at

35 MB/s Download

5 MB/s Upload

Suitable for normal use by a family of 4. You’ll get quality HD Video streaming on multiple devices at the same time, reliable online gaming, fast downloads for large files, and HD video calls that don’t buffer or drop due to bandwidth issues.


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Extreme 50

Starting at

50 MB/s Download

5 MB/s Upload

Suitable for heavy use by a family of 4-6. You’ll get quality 4k Video streaming on multiple devices at the same time, smooth online gaming, faster downloads for large files, HD video calls, and easily run your smart home automation.

*Extreme Residential is only available in certain areas.

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Home internet installation is EASY!

We charge a one-time fee to set up your residential internet plan for you while you sit back and relax.

Home Internet Installation


*All plans include a $15/mo equipment fee which includes all outside equipment and a managed router.
All wireless packages are sold as “up to” because performance depends on a number of factors such as network connection, quality of signal, and upstream traffic.

The Ultimate WiFi Experience App with TISD Command IQ

TISD is proud to offer unmatched convenience and service in WiFi to rural communities across South Texas. With a GigaSpire BLAST router and user-friendly mobile app, you have full control over fully secure, flexible, lightning-fast WiFi that covers your whole home in the palm of your hand, with features including:

  • CommandIQ™: Take command of your WiFi with full control over your connected devices, applications, and smart home products at your fingertips.
  • ProtectIQ™: Protect your network from intrusion and viruses, block malicious websites, and more with an innovative network security app.
  • ExperienceIQ™: Manage your children’s digital boundaries, set screen time limits, check usage, and filter content all at the touch of a button.

Control and monitor every aspect of your home WiFi experience with no hassle from a convenient Command Center right on your phone.

Interested in Internet Speeds That Exceed 50MBPS?

Contact our helpful sales team to discuss your needs and find out more about our services. We would love the opportunity to earn your business!